Outreach and Public Engagement

I’ve done a lot of Outreach and Public Engagement all throughout my career. Summarizing it here will be hard! The details on my Old Outreach Page are pretty out of date, but have some useful stuff.

I tweet regularly about my work and other interesting stories about astronomy/science (Follow me).

My YouTube Channel actually has some videos in it.

I sometimes collect blog posts from all the other places I write them, and also write about other science things at my personal science blog: Beautiful Stars (although not too much lately).

The Astronoblog is a Haverford College blog about Public Observing and showcasing images taken by students with our telescopes.

I have been writing a Stargazing Column for the Haverford student Science Magazine, Jolt.

Media Appearances

Random Other Stuff

I made a quilt square showing Mary Somerville for the RAS Bicentennial Quilt.

Here is a page of resources about Toys in Space, a public talk aimed at children, with printable activities.

I was the Director of Public Engagement for the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys (SDSS-IV) from the before the start of phase -IV (roughly 2013) until I was appointed Spokesperson in July 2016.

Probably the biggest thing I have done for Astronomy Outreach is to figure out how to hire the amazing Jen Gupta as an Outreach Manager at the University of Portsmouth (and be her line manager from 2012 up until I left Portsmouth in 2018).

A video I made in 2010 about the LOFAR Radio Telescope in Hampshire, UK.